Quaker & Tropicana ambassador program

ambassador program

A long-term relationship with genuine breakfast-lovers!

For Tropicana and Quaker Belgium and The Netherlands, we set up an ambassador program with Belgian and Dutch (food) bloggers. For each ambassador program, we make a selection of influencers with our in-house developed tool that fit well with the brands. The ambassadors are real brand lovers and tell the story of Tropicana and Quaker in a personal way to their followers. This leads to consideration and engagement with the target audience.

To kick off the ambassador program, we invited all influencers to a healthy brunch. That way, we could tell them the story of Tropicana and Quaker and let them taste the different products. They also had the chance to get to know each other in a fun and relaxed setting. We found the perfect location, decorated the room, set up the brunch table and made a goodie bag for the bloggers to take home, filled with the brands’ products and cool goodies.

Throughout the year, the influencers are asked to talk about Tropicana and Quaker products on their social media. Every month, they have the chance to try out new products and share their feedback with their followers. We make upfront agreements with them about the monthly deliverables. We offer the influencers the needed inspiration by means of a moodboards and recipes.

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