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Media relationships & partnerships

Media relationships

At Parlez, we don’t just send out press releases and hope for the best. We keep close contact with journalists (general and lifestyle) of different niches (food & beverage, lifestyle, beauty, design, sports, …). We know them and they know us, which gives you a head start if you launch a media campaign.

In need for something more than a press release? We can send out an original press kit, take you on an editorial visit or organize a press event. Or we can set up a media partnership for you: we identify the suitable medium and look for the best way to collaborate and reach your target audience.


Influencers, Collaborations, Events

Influencer marketing

We have a personal relationship with our influencers and an inhouse developed tool to select the best influencers for your story. This way we can guarantee the perfect fit between your brand and the influencer you will collaborate with.

Do you want to create buzz around a new product or are you opening a new store? Parlez is all up for it! We take care of the end-to-end organization of your event and we ensure media and influencer presence. Decoration will be on point and we will make sure that the atmosphere is captured in the best possible way through professional video and/or pictures.

Looking for a long-term collaboration? Parlez can set up an ambassador program for you! We carefully select a group of brand ambassadors whom we provide with products, storylines and interesting content.


Data-driven feedback

We continuously measure the results of our campaigns. By quantifying their impact and ROI we determine which approach works best to maximize your brand’s exposure. To ensure this, we keep track of technology developments and connect with our own in-house developed measurement tools.