Philadelphia: Breadwinners


Did you know that 1 million euros of bread is thrown away every year in Belgium?

Recent research shows that bread is one of the most thrown away food items in Belgium. Surveys show that in Belgium, more than 9 million slices of bread are thrown away every week, equivalent to nearly 1 million euros worth of bread wasted every week. Philadelphia, known for its dairy spreads, launched the project ‘The Breadwinners’ in 2023 to combat this waste. With the campaign it wants to make Belgians aware of the problem but also inspire them with different solutions.

Philadelphia wanted to spread the message of the campaign and that’s where we stepped in. The brand trusted us with their Belgian Press Relations with a two-level strategy. By creating relevant press files, with both textual as visual information, and a targeted press seeding we reached relevant lifestyle, food and news journalists and attained strong earned media. And by using media buying tactics and storytelling, we guaranteed 3 in-depth articles in print.

In less than 2 weeks we generated 7 online articles, 7 in print and a mention on the tv channel ‘één’. The articles were published in known magazines and newspapers like Flair, Metro, Nina,,…

The articles combined had an excellent potential reach of 6.665.879 with a ROI of 146%.