La Lorraine: Back To School

Influencer seeding

What better way to start the new school year than with soft La Lorraine sandwiches? And get the chance to welcome Sven Nys at school?

La Lorraine organized their Back 2 School action in September. By collecting the codes from the sandwich packaging, schools had a chance to welcome Sven Nys at school for bicycle training. To make the action more widely known, we set up an influencer campaign.

Influencers urged schools to register and sympathizers to buy La Lorraine sandwiches and save/play along to win the “Safe to School” bike training.

We contacted 11 influencers who have a clear link to the theme (mom/ dad, teacher, educator, cyclist, …) and provided them with La Lorraine sandwiches and a fluorescent jacket with branding. We challenged the influencers to highlight the campaign clearly so their followers could easily participate in the contest and vote for their favourite school.

The influencers posted on Instagram (post, stories and reels) to create anticipation and recognition.

We had a potential reach of 824.650 people and a nice engagement of 5,60%.