LiQ x Baileys

press relations

The Belgian brand, LiQ, announces a delicious collaboration with Baileys!

LiQ, a Belgian ice cream brand, known for their delicious ice creams with a little shhhttt of alcohol launched their partnership with the international brand Baileys. They developed an ice praline with a core of Baileys.

Parlez took care of the press relations around the partnership of LiQ with Baileys. We set up a press room and wrote an appealing press release providing journalists with relevant information, imagery, and opportunities for interviews. Besides that, we pitched the story to several journalists personally and send them a package of the ice pralines so they could taste it.

This resulted in several very positive media mentions with a potential reach of 10.739.920 and an ad value of €53.659. There were 6 print articles and 7 online articles.

A successful and very yummy campaign!