NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins

Influencer seeding

The new coffee capsules from NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins; great tasting coffee, grown with respect.

Nescafé Farmers Origins wanted to work with influencers to create awareness around the launch of their new coffee capsules. Parlez came up with a influencer approach that created awareness, provided a nice box with some extra goodies and designed the graphic work in the travel journal.


We contacted 17 lifestyle and food influencers and provided them with the 5 different Nescafé Farmers Origins Flavours and all the extra goodies to make their content creative and memorable. We challenged the influencers to highlight the travel vibe in their pictures, the food influencers were free to get creative with the coffee and experiment with some fun recipes.

We let them post in two waves to create anticipation and recognition. Most of the influencers mentioned Nescafé Farmers Origins in their post and stories, some of them only chose for stories.


We wrapped the campaign with outstanding results. More than 100 Instagram Stories were posted and 13 Instagram posts went online, resulting a in potential reach of 1.574.707 and an engagement rate of 8,2%. To valorize the worth of this campaign, we calculated the worth of all the produced social media content and ended at a nice ROI of 127,9%.