Garden Gourmet: lancering VUNA

Influencers & press seeding

VUNA, tastes like tuna!

The first vegan tuna in Belgium.

To launch the first vegan alternative for tuna in Belgium we reached out to both press and influencers with a 360° approach.

Journalists received a press release with all relevant information. We sent out packages with the VUNA pots and a poké bowl with Vuna to taste it directly in a recipe. Reactions were over the moon. Taste, texture, it all scored big time! Tastes likes tuna, but no fish were harmed and our oceans were kept clean. WIN-WIN.
With the classic PR campaign we attained a reach of more than 17 million (which means we reached most Belgians multiple times) and an ad value of €197.869

For the influencer marketing campaign, we challenged content creators to create a recipe with Vuna. We helped them by sending some ingredients, a recipe booklet and the Vuna of course. A wave of beautiful and yummy content hit the Belgian public with lots of curious and positive reactions.
The potential reach of our influencer campaign was almost 800.000 with a ROI of 73,7%