Croky Explosions

Influencer- & press seeding

Heavy Emotions? Eat Croky Explosions! The latest rib chips in worldly flavors.

In late 2021 Croky introduced its first ribbed chips. As always with their tasty Belgian potatoes, but with renewing worldly flavors. To give these Croky Explosions an enthused welcome, Parlez set up a press- and influencer campaign.

Heavy Emotions? Eat Croky Explosions! This tagline reflects what these Croky streetfood flavors are all about and of course we had to place this in the spotlight. Parlez sent out influencer packages with the three Croky Explosions flavors and game cards to immerse our chips-lovers in the Heavy Emotions atmosphere. The situation cards inspired to create fun and entertaining content, which completely matched the Croky Explosions. This resulted in comic video content on Instagram and TikTok such as expectations vs reality, ASMR, and recognizable situations with friends and family.

We also invited the press to tour the world during a break- and snack moment with Croky Explosions. Twenty journalists received a sample package to decide whether the new Croky Explosions were worth their Heavy Emotions. The new line of potato chips in the Croky range warranted a favorable welcome.

The response to Croky Explosions was upbeat and confirmed by the campaign’s outcome. The influencers’ content amounted to 74 Instagram Stories, 18 Instagram posts, and 3 TikTok videos. This social media publicity translated itself into a potential reach of 1.967.501 and an engagement rate of 10.3%. Summing up all the data from the influencer campaign, we arrived at a high ROI of 221.2%. That deserves a crunchy chip, right?