Melvita: influencer marketing Wallonia

Influencer seeding

Creating awareness through influencer marketing
Melvita took its first steps in the influencer market in Belgium. We set up two different strategies to test different deliverables and outcome. Result: a successful Belgian entrance!

Melvita asked us to create brand awareness in Wallonia about their brand, and more specifically about two of their ranges: Bouquet Floral and Source de Roses. Through two different strategies we set up two successful campaigns.

For the pull (non-paid) campaign for Bouquet Floral, there was a certain risk factor. Although we tried to secure as many outcome as possible beforehand, you are less sure with a non-paid campaign. All influencers were so excited to test Melvita and were equally excited about the results, that they posted quite a lot of content.

For the Source the Roses campaign we selected only 3 influencers, who created beautiful and clear content (a lot of video content too) that really showed the products in a good way. Although the reach was lower, we feel the quality of the content was higher compared to the Bouquet Floral seeding. That’s very clear in the actual reach numbers. The content for the Source De Roses campaign reached a lot more people and was more watched, saved and shared in comparison to the Bouquet Floral campaign. This is exactly what we expected from a paid vs non-paid campaign.

This campaign provided beautiful content and great results. A total of 32 Instagram Stories, 3 Instagram Posts, 5 Instagram Reels and 5 TikTok video were published. This equaled a potential reach of 472.457 and a ROI of 338%.


Melvita Influencer Marketing Belgium Parlez
Melvita Influencer Marketing Belgium Parlez
Melvita Influencer Marketing Belgium Parlez