LU: The sweetest campaign for Valentine


We celebrated Valentine 2020 with the sweetest and tastiest cookies in the world! ūüôā

Through influencers we spread a message of LUve engaging people to buy a personalized pack of cookies.

What’s a better Valentine’s gift than lots of sweets? More specifically, LU cookies. We teamed up with¬†35 different influencers¬†for this campaign and asked them what their¬†pet name¬†is for their loved one. We used this to¬†personalize the packaging¬†of their favorite LU cookies. Every influencer was sent a box full of LU goodies for Valentine’s Day.


They took amazing pictures for their Instagram. The result was 70 stories and over 30 posts distributed by our influencers. This led to 4.9 million opportunities to see LU in action on Instagram. The followers loved it, as they gave over 50.000 likes and almost 5.000 comments.


The packages itself were available at different gas stations in Belgium on February 14th or in supermarkets. So people on the road could enjoy this and spread the LUve themselves. Craving for LU? The cute packaging might not be in stores anymore, but the taste has stayed the same. Because real love comes from within, right?