Lipton Ice Tea goes 100% rPET!

Press & influencer campaign

Lipton Ice Tea announced that they would be the first big soft drink brand with 100% recycled plastic (=rPET) bottles. This reduces waste immensely and is a good step forward to a more sustainable future!

We invited Belgian journalists to visit a recycling center in Holland and exclusively witness the recycling process of PET and turning them into rPET granules. High end media as De Morgen Magazine, Knack/le Vif and more popular outlets as La DH and Het Laatste Nieuws joined us and covered the full story. First they highlighted he need of sorting correctly all plastic and the journey of a virgin plastic bottle to an rPET bottle. 9 articles were published and more than 2,5 million readers had the opportunity to read the story.

In a second phase, we launched an influencer campaign. We selected over 50 influencers to tell the story about all Lipton Ice Tea bottles being 100% recycled plastic and asked them to also encourage their followers to sort their plastic the right way. Because closing the loop starts with you! If everyone sorts the right way and makes sure their plastic is sorted in the PMD garbage container, Lipton Ice Tea can reuse that plastic to make new bottles. And this is an endless process, which means that we reduce the amount of plastic garbage in the world significantly!

Our campaign was a big success. On Global Recycling Day the influencers posted several Stories and Instagram posts about Lipton and rPET. There were over 200 posts and Stories. This resulted in potential reach of almost 3 million with an engagement of 5,38%. And a lot of good for the world of course.

Craving for a Lipton Ice Tea now? You can spot the rPET Lipton Ice Tea bottles in every supermarket!