Celebrate body positivity with L’Occitane


How to merge body positivity with artisanal craftmanship and a relaunch of an iconic beauty collection? Host a clay workshop that focusses on the beautiful female body.

For our client L’Occitane we wanted to shine a light on the reworked, iconic Almond collection. The star of the collection: the anti-stretchmarks oil. A perfect moment to open up the discussion around the taboo about female beauty and why stretchmarks are part of this.

As one of the engagements of L’Occitane is to support craftmanship we decided to invite influencers to a clay workshop where they themselves could work around the female body. They all got explanation about how female clay figures are there since the beginning of time and how our idea of beauty has changed so much and evolved over the years. After creating their own piece of art and discovering the L’Occitane products we sent them home with a lovely goodiebag.


The campaign resulted in 10 Instagram posts, several Tiktoks and over 75 Instagram Stories. This equaled a reach of more than 600.000 with a post engagement of 2,2%.


For L’Occitane we maintain press and influencer relations on a yearly base. This contains press releases, seedings, events and so much more. This longterm approach results in a yearly ROI of over 1000%.