Galak recipe creation

Content creation social media

Galak is a love brand which didn’t communicate in a while. Everyone knows the chocolate, but they needed a little extra push to get top of mind again with consumers.
Galak asked us to set up an influencer campaign to create awareness whilst building on their above-the-line media campaign.

The big challenge was the timing: the content needed to go live ASAP. Parlez came up with a swift influencer approach that created awareness, creative content & that was in line with the content Galak had created already.
There were already graphic assets available, so we started out from there. This resulted in two outlets.
Firstly: pre-made Stories – easy and quick to post by the influencers – that included polls which provided us to do a little market investigation.

Secondly: printed recipe cards. One with the existing Galak recipe used in the above the line communication, a few other blank ones for their own recipes.

We contacted more than 20 lifestyle and food influencers. We challenged (mostly the food influencers) to come up with their own recipe. The lifestyle influencers were free to recreate the existing recipe by Galak or to create a new recipe.
The influencers posted in two waves to firstly create anticipation and in a second stage: recognition. This doubled not only our reached, but made people really engage more with the second wave of content.

To create as much awareness as possible in a short time, we sponsored the content (=posts) via Facebook Business Manager of several influencers to create extra traffic and awareness.

We wrapped the campaign with outstanding results. More than 250 Instagram Stories were posted and 34 Instagram posts went online, resulting a in potential reach of 4.998.085 and an engagement rate of 8,6%. To valorize the worth of this campaign, we calculated the worth of all the produced social media content and ended at a strong ROI of 306,4%.