DOMO’s Digital Cooking Masterclass

Online Event

Let’s get cooking with DOMO! A digital masterclass by Jeroen De Pauw for our food lovers. 


You might know that DOMO’s slogan is ‘a party at home’. You can take this quite literally in 2020/2021. Since we weren’t able to organize a physical cooking event, we opted for the full ‘at home experience’. We e-vited a group of food loving influencers to a digital DOMO masterclass. The influencers got their electro appliances delivered to their doorstep, installed their laptops in their kitchens and got ready to cook together.

Brand new DOMO ambassador and tv-chef Jeroen de Pauw introduced us, live from the DOMO showroom in Herentals, to some delicious recipes by which the DOMO appliances came in quite handy. Everyone had a great and fingerlicking good evening! This resulted in 22 Instagram posts and more than 100 Stories, equaling a potential reach of 723.771 and a 5,28% engagement

The goal of DOMO is to deliver useful appliances that have a great quality-price ratio. The Belgian brand is very proud of its heritage and its big variety of kitchen- and home appliances. Parlez made sure this was translated into a digital event, by setting up both the creative as well as the technical part.