Beneful loves your dog

Influencer campaign

Beneful: creating memories with your furry best friend

Around 33% of households in the world have a pet dog, but how many households give them Beneful? Well, that’s where we come into the picture. We wanted to increase brand awareness about Beneful through an influencer campaign that wanted to be genuine, authentic and warm. Influencers share genuine stories with their followers aka the possible Beneful consumer. Accordingly, it is one of the most effective ways to attract consumers and clients.

The influencer campaign was facilitated through an Instagram Stories filter, which helped everyone who uses it to create new memories with their dog (or pet). Creating these heartwarming and/or hilarious memories is what Beneful is all about, as their focus is on the deep bond between human and dog. That’s also the reason why the Instagram Stories filter is still available, so Instagram users can keep creating new memories even though the influencer campaign has ended.

This influencer campaign and Instagram Stories filter were further supported through sponsoring, so the right audience could be reached. All of this resulted in 725.415 reached people (of which 338.063 Belgians with a dog in their household), and this through 139 stories and 26 posts. For a brand like Beneful the authentic matches and the warm storytelling were key. We focussed on a qualitative, interested audience, rather than a big reach.

That quality is visible in the following posts, but watch out when taking a look if your dog is near, he or she might get really hungry.