We Go For Gold: partnership Côte d’Or and Red Devils

MEDIA event

Côte d’Or announced together with the KBVB/URBSFA their partnership with the Red Devils and the Red Flames from 2020 during a press conference at Chocolate Nation in Antwerp. The partnership was announced just before the official selection by coach Roberto Martinez for the upcoming games of the Red Devils in the qualifiers for the EC 2020.


This new exciting partnership of Côte d’Or with the Red Devils and the Red Flames was announced during a press conference for media and influencers. Parlez is in charge of the PR and influencer marketing. Demonstr8, the experiential marketing agency, created the “We Go For Gold” campaign. We couldn’t reveal upfront which announcement Côte d’Or was going to make. So, to get everyone thrilled and to get the moment in their agenda, we decided to send out a teaser with some subtle hints. The invitees were influencers and journalists who love chocolate and are interested in food & beverage.

The press conference was a big hit! The teaser did its job, and the attendees were positively surprised. In addition of the press conference, 11 memorable moments from Belgian national football history were revealed in chocolate, and hopefully we can make a 12thone after the EC 2020… But the great reveal had to be a chocolate statue of the captain of the Red Devils Eden Hazard made by Côte d’Or.

The invitees all appreciated the opportunity to witness this big announcement. The news and the sports media loved the revelation of the chocolate statue of Eden Hazard so much so that it even appeared on VTM and VRT news that evening.

After the event, a press release was sent to news media and influencers. There was a lot of coverage both online and offline. This event is definitely one for the books.

After all Eden Hazard has never looked more delicious 😉