The bravest La Lorraine picnic at camp by saving codes

Influencer seeding

La Lorraine is very known for their popular sandwiches made with fresh eggs and real butter. That is why they are often packed in the lunch box to school or on trips. To also please their young enthusiasts in summer, La Lorraine organized their savings campaign for youth associations at camp.

There was a code on every La Lorraine sandwich packaging. By registering it online, parents, leaders, friends… could save up for free sandwiches at camp or even the bravest picnic with a mega fort, catapult and more matching game elements! The most loyal saver could also win a prize. Whoever collected the most codes now enjoys 1 year of free La Lorraine sandwiches!

Both on TikTok and Instagram, influencers shared the savings campaign with their followers. Their cosy picnic images or playful videos encouraged them to register their youth movement and to join saving codes.

The campaign resulted in 5 Instagram posts, 4 TikToks and almost 40 Instagram Stories. This equaled a reach of more than 1.549.565 with a post engagement of 7,1% and a return on investment of 134,2%.