Let kids be kids: Nesquik All Natural


We invited mommybloggers and their little ones for a fun afternoon to celebrate the new Nesquik All Natural. The event took place at the first do-museum in Flanders about agriculture. The perfect – all natural – setting for a day all about saying YES to letting kids be kids!

During the event, our invitees were introduced to the newest version of the iconic chocolate powder from Nesquik. One that consists of 100% natural ingredients and tastes just as nice: Nesquik All Natural. By releasing a more sustainable variant with natural ingredients, Nestlé hopes that parents will more often say “yes” to a delicious Nesquik chocolate drink during breakfast or throughout the day!

That’s why it was important for the kids to have fun with no boundaries. First, they created their own mug. They could use their hands and really get creative. Then our “Quiky Cook” hosted a workshop how to make the perfect Nesquik cupcakes. And to really get the message across to the parents, we took the kids outside for some active Quiky Games, while they enjoyed some high tea and an explanation of Nesquik All Natural.

We provided the kids with their own Nesquik bunny ears and cooking apron. Super cute! At our photobooth, they could get their picture taken by our photographer.

The parents loved seeing their children play and shared it on their socials. This resulted in more than four hundred thousand views! In the end, everyone received an all-natural goodie bag with their own mugs, placemat, cakes, bunny ears, cooking apron and of course Nesquik All Natural products in it.