Mutti Press Trip

Press Trip

We invited important Belgian journalists to join them along to an exclusive tour of the Mutti factory in Parma. They learned more about the history of the brand, the products, the faces behind Mutti and had a chance to meet Mr Mutti himself. The two-day trip was a big success.


The journalists loved it and this translated in various articles, both online and offline. By using media buying, we guaranteed an article in Libelle Lekker and Les Delices de Femmes d’Aujourd’hui.  Next to these two articles in print, we also generated 3 online articles. The online articles were published on, June Travel Magazine and Manouevre. The articles were also shared on Facebook and in relevant Facebook groups, which resulted in a high potential reach.

The articles combined had an excellent potential reach of 26.798.679 and an ad value of €20.720. We believe press trips add depth to the brand, nurture the relationship with journalists and create brand awareness.