Milka Unexpected Hiding Places

Influencer seeding

Show us your most unique hiding place together with Milka!

Milka wanted to work with influencers to create creative content around Milka Easter eggs, by highlighting some original and unique hiding places. Parlez came up with an influencer approach, provided the chocolate easter eggs and gave our influencers some inspiration to get going! 

We asked 14 influencers (10 NL and 4 FR) to get creative and come up with their most unexpected hiding places to hide their Milka Easter eggs. We challenged the influencers to think out of the box and be as original as possible. Next to Instagram, a lot of influencers pushed their content on TikTok since this is a very creative platform, perfect for this campaign. The focus was on enjoying fun family moments together and give inspiration on how to make this Easter unforgettable.

The campaign was very successful, and our influencers inspired a lot of people. We reached more than 3.5 million people with an engagement of 9,71%, which is extraordinary for this number of potential reach. We also had a ROI of 253%, which is again very high.