Erborian – Renewed BB Cream

Influencer- & press seeding

‘Did you say foundation?’ This national campaign enrolled online, in-store and via digital advertising. Parlez took care of press and influencer relations.

For the launch of the renewed BB Cream of Erborian in Belgium we created a new campaign with different influencers who really love beauty, make-up and skincare. The tagline of the campaign was ‘Happy in the skin you’re in’. Where the emphasis was on the natural appearance of the product and putting the spotlight on the skin.

We asked influencers to utilize new social media trends and make a video in Stories, a Reel or a TikTok. As examples, we suggested a ‘get ready with me’ or a ‘before and after’ video. The influencers could also share a personal discount code so their followers could discover the new BB Cream at a price reduction. This way we could also track the impact.

Next to influencer marketing we also sent out a press release to relevant media and did a press seeding to the most important beauty journalists, so they could test out the products too.

The influencer campaign provided beautiful, creative content and great results. A total of 21 Instagram Stories, 2 Instagram Posts, 1 Instagram Reel and 1 TikTok video appeared. This equaled a potential reach of more than 3 million and a ROI of 239%.
Regarding press, there were also 12 articles written, this included 4 print and 8 online articles. This resulted in a total reach of more than 4,5 million and a ROI of 1093,4%.