Bellapierre Lovers

Influencer relations

From identifying fans to true ambassadors for Bellapierre, a 100% mineral make-up brand

After a successful introduction at our Studio Parlez Press Days, we identified 10 Bellapierre fans from Flandres for an influencer seeding. The influencers made some beautiful content, resulting in a strong reach and awareness for Bellapierre in Belgium. Out of this group we selected the two best content creators for an ambassador program: @jolene_o and @sophisticatedbox. They work for Bellapierre on a monthly basis, creating unique and authentic content with the make-up products from Bellapierre.

Next to that we spot opportunities with other Belgian influencers and journalists for Bellapierre. They are also one of the favorite brands during our 2 yearly Studio Parlez Press Days where content creators, journalists and celebrities can get a full glam look by the Bellapierre MUA’s during those days .

Thanks to all the actions, we are reaching around 500.000 people per month.