Revival of the 80s with VIT-HIT


VIT-HIT 80s work-out at The Brick in Antwerp: A delicious match made in heaven!

VIT-HIT is a brand of delicious drinks, made out of vitamins, fruit juice, water and tea. Vit-Hit drinks are very low in calories and contain 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins. So far, there are five Vit-Hit drinks that each have a different taste and function: Vit-Hit Perform with mango and passionfruit, Vit-Hit Boost with berries, Vit-Hit Immunitea with dragonfruit and yuzu flavour, Vit-Hit Detox with mandarin, Vit-Hit Lean&Green with apple and elderflower.

On the 8th of May, we organized a fun 80s morning work-out at the gym The Brick in Antwerp to promote these tasty drinks. Ten bloggers and influencers were invited to join us for an aerobics, boxing and yoga class and enjoy fresh fruit and Vit-Hit drinks.

We took care of everything but the work-out itself. At the event, we even made sure the influencers had 80s outfits for their work-out, as well as some fresh fruit and VitHit drinks to help them perform to their max. They went home with a nice goodie bag, including Vit-Hit drinks, some 80s work-out attributes and a cute crop top to wear when exercising. What a fun way it was to start our day!