Nutricia Cooking Demo

Influencer event

The Olvarit range translated into picture perfect dishes: simple, healthy and delicious!

On a beautiful Monday evening we gathered all the Nutricia ambassadors at Les Filles in Brussels for our second get-together. This time we only invited the mommies and left the babies in the good care of daddy, grandma or the babysitter. On the menu? A cooking demo! But first things first: with a homemade cocktail and some finger food, we listened to an extremely interesting presentation about Olvarit. We learned about the history of the ‘potjes’, the nutritional value and the supply chain. To spice things up, we also included a little pop quiz!

Then it was time to roll up our sleeves and get cooking. The two chefs (Evelien from GoodFoodGoodPeopleGoodTimes & Morane from HealthyDietMo) showed us some variations on the Olvarit ‘potjes’ with turkey, potatoes and peas and the popular fruit pouches. Turns out baby food is easily translated into healthy, simple and delicious dishes for adults as well. Everyone got inspired for their Christmas and End Of Year menus.

After all the hard work we sat down to chat and relax whilst having a healthy dinner. The mommies could relax and talk with the people of Nutricia about all things nutrition and babies.

Thanks for the lovely evening ladies! See you soon!