Discover Klorane’s Cupuaçu collection!


In the spring of 2018 we invited our beauty bloggers to launch Klorane’s new Cupuaçu collection.

This took place in the urban jungle of Là-Haute Viage in Brussels.After everybody enjoyed their first cocktail and some mighty fine finger food, we got a nice presentation about the new products and the Klorane Botanical Foundation.
Did you know Cupuaçu butter is 1,5 times more nourishing than Shea butter? Wow! Afterwards the bloggers got to try out all the products in the Cupuaçu collection as well as the rest of their products. They could even get a Cupuaçu hand massage or a hair treatment using the iconic Klorane dry shampoo. A few cocktails, giggles and selfies later everybody went home with great, new memories and a bag full of Klorane goodies to test at home!