Delhaize: Pure by Pascale Naessens


Ready made and healthy? That sounds like heaven to us!
No wonder we were beyond excited to launch the Pure by Pascale Naessens line in collaboration with Delhaize.
We presented these tasty meals in good company of food journalists and bloggers. Yummy!

Pascale Naessens fan? Check! Always in a hurry? Double check! When Delhaize announced that they were going to work with Pascale Naessens to launch 4 ready made meals, we were super excited. And with us, a lot of food bloggers and food journalists. We invited them all to De Serre in Antwerp where they could taste the meals in preview together with Pascale Naessens herself. Everyone was delighted and surprised by the freshness, unexpected ingredients and tastiness of the different meals. The perfect venue, the perfect food and the perfect hostess! You can say it was a pretty perfect night!

To make sure everyone could share that little piece of magic on a plate, we made sure every attendee received the 4 meals to taste at home.

Want to taste the Pure by Pascale Naessens range yourself? The meals are exclusively available at Delhaize.