Nutricia educational visit


Learning about babies’ microbiotics during an educational and fun visit at the R&I Center of Danone Nutricia.

Danone Nutricia wanted to create awareness about what kind of nutrition is good and less good for babies’ health. To do so, we helped organize an educational visit to their Research & Innovation center in Utrecht in April. Together with fifteen mommy bloggers, we had the chance to learn all about babies’ microbiotics and immune systems.

The scientific part of the visit was left to the Nutricia experts, but we took care of the other practicalities. We decorated the room with some scientific, yet cool and instagrammable gadgets and our photographer made sure the influencers had some beautiful pictures to take home with them. Lastly, they also got a goodie bag to take home, including a branded tote bag, a cute bib for their little one and some extra information about babies’ nutrition and health.