Campina ‘Weidegang’ event


A day full of learning about the farm life, the goodness of dairy and making delicious desserts with Campina dairy products!

On the 1st of May, mommy and foodbloggers and their kids were invited to the farm of Guy and Lieve in Bellem for a pasturing event in collaboration with Campina. After a long winter in the stables, all cows could return back to the meadow again. This phenomenon is called Weidegang.  It was an educative and fun event during which we learned a lot about the craftsmanship of farming and where Campina gets its delicious and fresh milk from.

After the pasturing, the bloggers participated in a cooking workshop with Campina dairy products. They made two on-trend recipes: a refreshing fruit lassi and a cheesecake ‘on the go’ with yummy Campina yoghurt, cheese and milk. Delicious!

To get the press and media excited about this event and to inform them about the main pillars and values of Campina, we also sent out a press release to local journalists.